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Need To Buy Gas Turbine Flow Meter How To Buy The Right Thing

Jul 12, 2017

1,  the accuracy level: In general, the choice of turbine flowmeter is  mainly fancy high accuracy, but the higher the accuracy of the flow  meter, the use of conditions on the more sensitive changes, so the  choice of instrument precision Careful, should be considered from an economic point of view. For large-caliber gas pipeline trade settlement instrument, the  instrument is more cost-effective investment, and for the small amount  of delivery occasions can choose medium level.

2, the flow range

3,  the density of the gas: the gas turbine flowmeter, fluid physical  properties of the main gas density, it is a greater impact on the  instrument coefficient, and mainly in the low flow area. If the gas density changes frequently, to flow meter flow coefficient to take corrective measures.

4, the pressure loss: try to use a small pressure loss turbine flowmeter. Because  the pressure loss of the fluid through the turbine flowmeter is  smaller, the less energy consumed by the fluid from the input to the  outlet pipe, i.e. the total total power required will be reduced,  thereby greatly reducing energy, reducing transportation costs and  increasing utilization The

5, bearings: turbine flowmeter bearings are generally tungsten carbide, PTFE, carbon graphite three types of materials. Natural gas measuring instrument bearings should use tungsten carbide materials.