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Next Point? Zhejiang Has Issued Draft Opinions On Air Pollution Control In The Park!

Mar 06, 2019

  In the next step,Zhejiang Province will take about 100 parks as demonstrations to promote air pollution control and improve the level of air pollution control in industrial parks and small and micro enterprise parks in the province,according to the leading industry categories and pollution status of the park.

  In order to strengthen the control of air pollution in key industrial parks,improve the air quality of the environment and enhance the people's sense of environmental gain,the Zhejiang Atmosphere Office drafted the Opinions on Strengthening the Control of Air Pollution in Key Industrial Parks(Draft for Public Opinions)in accordance with the"Three-year Plan of Action for Winning the Battle of Defending the Blue Sky in Zhejiang Province".According to the regulations,public opinions are now sought.If you have any amendments or suggestions,please send them back to Zhejiang Atmospheric Office by March 8,2019.

  Industrial parks are not only the important carriers of massive economic development and upgrading of industrial clusters,but also the main battlefield of industrial air pollution control,including economic and Technological Development zones,high-tech industrial development zones,bonded zones,export processing zones,industrial agglomeration zones,industrial concentration zones and small and micro enterprise parks.Therefore,it is very important to improve the environmental air quality of key industrial parks and enhance the people's sense of happiness in the blue sky.

  According to the draft,Zhejiang Province will take about 100 parks as demonstrations to promote air pollution control and improve the level of air pollution control in industrial parks and small and micro enterprise parks in the province.By the end of June 2019,the park completed the compilation of the"one garden,one policy"waste gas treatment program;by the end of 2019,the park completed the annual waste gas treatment task;by the end of 2020,the park completed the task of waste gas treatment in an all-round way,the environmental quality of the park improved significantly,complaints about air-related letters and visits decreased significantly,and the phenomenon of odor disturbing the people decreased significantly.

  In order to fulfill the task successfully and ensure the environmental quality,seven key tasks were identified in the draft opinions,which were stipulated in the initial stage of Industrial Park construction,development process and solutions.

  Strict environmental access policy for the park.The park should formulate and strictly implement the project access system,set the access indicators from the aspects of industrial technology level,resource and energy utilization efficiency,pollutant discharge and economic benefits,and conscientiously implement the"Planning Environmental Assessment+Environmental Standards"system.Optimize and adjust the industrial structure and layout of industrial parks,ensure that the spatial layout of key emission enterprises meets the requirements of regulations,and formulate and implement the withdrawal mechanism of backward and excess capacity in accordance with regulations.Actively promote the recycling transformation of the park,promote the standardized development of the park and improve its quality and efficiency.

  Work out waste gas treatment plan conscientiously.According to the requirement of"One Park One Policy",the management organization of the park should carefully analyze the current situation of air pollution prevention and control in the park,and put forward countermeasures and implementation measures from the aspects of Park layout,industry and energy structure,source and process control,waste gas collection and treatment,emission reduction of key pollutants,supervision and management measures,supporting infrastructure,etc.

  Improve the gas management infrastructure of the park.In the industrial agglomeration and heat demand parks of chemical industry,paper making,printing and dyeing,tannery and other industries,the central heating facilities should be improved and the natural gas pipeline network should be fully covered.By the end of 2020,coal-fired boilers and loose coal within the coverage of the heating pipeline network should be phased out.If there are several dispersed biomass boilers,they can be"small and large"if they are qualified.Conditional parks should construct centralized spraying engineering centers,explore the construction of centralized recovery and disposal of organic solvents,and construct activated carbon desorption and regeneration centers or off-line desorption devices.

  Improve the level of waste gas management in the park enterprises.The key gas-related pollutant discharge units shall install and use automatic monitoring equipment for atmospheric pollutant discharge in accordance with the law,especially the elevated source with an exhaust outlet height of more than 45 meters,and the key pollutant discharge units of petrochemical,chemical,packaging,printing and industrial painting industries involving volatile organic compounds(VOCs),which shall be installed and used by the end of 2019.

  Strengthen the ability of monitoring and controlling the atmosphere in the park.By the end of 2019,70 parks will be completed,and by the end of June 2020,all parks will be built with automatic air monitoring stations.The environmental air automatic station of the park should include six factors of environmental air quality.The Park concerned with VOCs emission should be equipped with VOCs automatic monitoring equipment and connected with the local ecological environment department according to the emission characteristics.Explore the use of navigation monitoring and other means to inspect the VOCs emission level of industrial parks in the province.

  Enhance the ability of the park to supervise the atmospheric environment.The park management agencies should take feasible measures to enhance the ability of air environmental supervision,help enterprises improve their air control countermeasures by purchasing third-party services from the government,and promote the work of contract environmental services,green procurement,green supply chain management,emission trading,compulsory insurance management of environmental pollution liability,so as to improve the level of air pollution control of enterprises in the park.

  Actively explore the small and micro enterprise park waste gas treatment.Small and micro enterprises should implement source and process control measures in accordance with the requirements of industry waste gas treatment,and build waste gas treatment facilities at the same time.Electroplating,pickling,painting and other processes with great environmental impact should be encouraged to build shared workshops and sewage facilities.