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Jan 21, 2019


The integrated orifice flowmeter is composed of sensing, transmissionand calculation display, which is mainly used for industrial metering of saturated steam, superheated steam, compressed air, mixed non-flammable and explosive gas and hot water. 

1, Must be filled with water in the pressure pipe or inject high temperature steam cooling before starting the operation.The straight pipe section before and after the throttle part of the integrated orifice flowmeter must be straight, and the straight pipe section used for the throttle part installation should be smooth. If it is not smooth, the flow coefficient should be multiplied by the roughness correction coefficient.

2. A long straight pipe section shall be required before and after the restrictor. If the upstream of the restrictor is an open space or a large container with diameter 2, the length of the straight pipe between the open space or the large container and the restrictor shall not be less than 30(15).If there are other local resistance pieces between the throttle piece and the open space or the large container, the total length of the straight pipe section from the open space to the throttle piece shall not be less than 30(15), except that the minimum straight pipe section is provided between the throttle piece and the local resistance piece.

How to use the integrated orifice flowmeter correctly:

Integration of orifice flowmeter is the standard orifice differential pressure transmitter with multiple parameters (or differential pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter and pressure transmitter) form a complete set of high contrast range pressure flow device, can measure the rate of flow of gas, steam, liquid and gas, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, heating, water supply in areas such as process control and measurement.

Pressure pipe system filled with cold water as the pressure medium, measurement of high temperature steam generally through the cold water pressure.When there is no steam in the pipeline, open the primary valve, pressure valve and balance valve, close the blowdown valve, and directly inject cold water into the water injection hole of the condensing tank until it is fully filled.Of course, you can also close the balance valve and pressure valve, open a valve to introduce high temperature steam slowly cooling into water.This method because of the steam temperature is too high, easy to damage the instrument, generally not used.

Special attention must be paid to the measurement of high temperature steam when the pressure pipe is not filled with water or high temperature is forbidden to put into operation.

 integrated orifice flowmeter

Notes for use of integrated orifice flowmeter:

1. Measure the pressure of compressed air and cold water directly by the medium.

2 differential pressure transmitter exhaust or drainage, pressure pipe filled with water, in the pressure capacity of the differential pressure transmitter room sometimes to collect a small amount of gas to affect the guide pressure, must be removed.

3. Unscrew the bolts under the positive and negative pressure capacity chamber to drain liquid.

In general, the newly put into operation instruments do not need to drain.Check the pipe-guiding system for any leaks, close all valves and prepare for operation.