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Orifice Flowmeter Maintenance Method

Mar 05, 2017

The traditional orifice flowmeter body cleaning process is a dirty, stupid, both money and inefficient work. It  needs to drag the flowmeter body from the tube, and then either on a  fixed tube or hanging with a crane, and then a large and expensive  grinding stone through its internal rotation back and forth to clean up.  This is a laborious and inefficient labor. Because this requires not only the cost of leasing dedicated lifting  equipment, hiring skilled pipe workers, but also because of the rotation  of the grinding stone and bruise the internal surface of the flowmeter,  the resulting waste debris can also pollute the surrounding  environment.

Mr.  Robert A. Bornes of Illinois, USA, observed the drawbacks of the  traditional clean-up process and developed a new method of online  cleaning of the orifice flowmeter body after four years of painstaking  research. The  flow of the flowmeter, which was named the Bowners Cleansing Act, was  an inspiration for the flow of the flowmeter in the observation of a  large natural gas underground reservoir in Illinois by itself and the  engineering team The

The  Bones online cleaning method uses a specially developed, can enter the  flowmeter body inside a cleaning flange, flange with a high pressure  spray gun. The  gun uses a specially designed rotary nozzle to spray a hard surface  cleaner that is not hazardous and biodegradable inside the body of the  flowmeter. The gun engraved with a certain part of the body through the flow meter mark. It  can reduce and remove all the ethylene glycol and grease contaminants  and debris attached to the inner surface of the body, and finally  capture dirt and debris under closed loop conditions. The technician came to clean up the site to complete this work is to  take the general contract work (turnkey project), so no other client.

Bowners flow meter body online cleaning method has the following advantages:

(1) to avoid the preparation of related equipment, skilled management  of the employment and the complicated operation of the process caused by  the high cost;

(2) out of the past, followed by the use of rotating grinding stone  scraping equipment, the old way to complete the past high cost of  cleaning work, and enhance the flow meter measurement accuracy;

(3) to reduce the flow meter to clear the downtime, it can be quickly re-put into use;

(4) all the waste liquid can be cleaned up in a closed loop system.