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Plastic Pipe Rotor Flowmeter Installation And Use Strategy

Apr 15, 2017

HC-LZS  plastic tube rotor flowmeter taper tube main parts are made of AS, ABS  plastic, has good corrosion resistance, with a reasonable structure,  small size, light weight, easy to break the cone tube and so on. Can be widely used in chemical, environmental protection, food and other industrial sectors. Plastic tube rotor flowmeter The main measuring element is a small end  down, large end up to the vertical installation of the conical plastic  pipe and its can move up and down the float.

Plastic tube rotor flowmeter installed

[1]  before installation, the instrument should be inside the foam support  with a tool nose pliers gently remove it, and then re-installed it, in  the installation, we should pay attention to whether the rubber washer  in the tube to take over, to prevent Leakage.

[2] flowmeter interface, available matching ABS plastic pipe, or with  PVC plastic pipe, with a special adhesive glue connection can also be  used plastic connection, and then connected to the metal flange.

〔3〕  flowmeter must be installed vertically, there should be no obvious  tilt, the installation height, should be easy to read the float,  reading, the line of sight and float should be level. [General standard: the required flow for the flow meter flow of 50% -70%, try not to use the highest number. The

[4] in the instrument upstream and downstream import and export should  ensure that there are 5 times the diameter of the straight pipe  section.

[5] by the side of the fluid pressure to be stable, such as fluid is  too unstable, will cause the float fluctuations, can not be measured  correctly, upstream of the flow meter should be set the buffer or the  value of the device.

〔6〕 plastic pipe rotor flowmeter should be installed vertically, the  flowmeter center line and the vertical line angle should not exceed 5  degrees.

Plastic tube rotor flowmeter used

[1]  When using the instrument, you should slowly open the upstream valve to  fully open, and then use the flow meter downstream control valve to  adjust the flow. When the instrument is stopped, it should slowly close the upstream  valve and then close the flow control valve downstream of the meter.

[2] The indication of the instrument in the engraved line see,  according to the height of the float from the float of the scale read  out the value.

〔3〕 when the cone and the float sticky, it should be promptly cleaned.

[4] regularly check the flow meter error, once exceeded the specified  error, should replace the float and cone, or re-calibration to get  better accuracy.

〔5〕 measured fluid and flowmeter calibration media inconsistent, the need to correct the value of the shoIsrepresented by the following formula