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Pressure Sensor Detection Method

Apr 02, 2019

Pressure sensor detection method

A detailed description of the pressure sensor detection method, Xi'an Huaheng Instrument brings you a detailed introduction: the performance indicators of the pressure sensor mainly include linear error, hysteresis error, repeatability error, creep, zero temperature characteristic and sensitivity temperature characteristics. Before this, maybe you can know what is a pressure transmitter first.


In various scales and mass measurement systems, the induction error is usually used to summarize the control sensor accuracy, and the inductive error band is associated with the instrument error band to select an accuracy scale, linearity error, hysteresis error, and The sum of errors and the like due to the influence of temperature on sensitivity within the regular temperature range cannot exceed the error band. This allows the manufacturer to adjust the components that make up the total measurement error to achieve the desired accuracy.


1. Pressurization detection, the method of checking the order is: supply power to the sensor, blow the air guiding hole of the pressure sensor with the mouth, and use the voltage file of the multimeter to detect the voltage change of the output end of the sensor. If the relative sensitivity of the pressure sensor is large, the amount of this change will be significant. If there is no change at all, you need to use a pneumatic source to apply pressure.


After the above method, it is basically possible to detect the condition of a sensor. If accurate detection is required, a standard pressure source is required to apply pressure to the sensor, and the sensor is calibrated according to the magnitude of the pressure and the amount of change in the output signal. And if the conditions permit, the temperature detection of the relevant parameters is carried out.


2. Detection of zero points, use the voltage file of the multimeter to detect the zero output of the sensor under the condition that no pressure is applied. This output is typically an mV-level voltage. If the sensor's specifications are exceeded, the sensor's zero-point deviation is out of range.


3. the detection of the bridge, the first detection of the sensor circuit is correct, generally the Wheatstone full-bridge circuit, using the multimeter's ohmic file, the impedance between the input and the impedance between the output, this two impedance This is the input and output impedance of the pressure sensor. If the impedance is infinite, the bridge is broken, indicating that the sensor is faulty or the pin definition is not correct.

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