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Pressure Transmitter Enters The New Stage Of Development

Apr 08, 2019

Pressure transmitter enters the new stage of development

With the continuous reform of technology, pressure transmitters have entered a new stage of development. With the emergence of new stages, some problems in the development of pressure transmitters have gradually emerged. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of the pressure transmitter industry entering a new phase of development.

The society is constantly improving, and such progress has also promoted the development of pressure transmitters, making this automation an indispensable part of the current industrial development. Therefore, it contributes to the construction of low-carbon and new energy in China. The insiders suggest promoting the pressure transmitter industry from three aspects. In the long run, the lack of a domestic market will eventually limit the development of the pressure transmitter industry. The pressure transmitter industry is investing in technology research and development to prepare for future domestic applications, but there must be a stable policy to ensure that these investments receive a corresponding return.

Pressure transmitters are available in a variety of models, multiple ranges, and a variety of process connections. The pressure transmitter adopts the sensor core, the transmitter special integrated circuit and accessories, and uses the production line and process of military products to produce high-precision, high-quality, small-sized, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, cost-effective pressure-type transmission. Device. It has been widely used in aerospace, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, mining, machinery, dam, geological, hydrological and other industries to measure the pressure and differential pressure, flow rate and fluid height and weight of various gases and fluids. The pressure transmitter is an ideal upgrade for traditional pressure gauges and traditional pressure transmitters. It is an ideal pressure gauge for industrial automation.

The pressure transmitter is too small compared to the production system, and it does not present any risks. Taking the pressure transmitter as the main body, relying on active interlocking equipment, sensing equipment and protection equipment, with the small and subtle perception as the vision, the fortress for safety construction is irreplaceable. Supervising the safety intentions in the production process, and building an agile and secure safety guarantee through active chain or sensing equipment, it is called a safe "double eye".


The development of the pressure transmitter has generally experienced four periods from the general sensor measurement circuit and the process connection component, and is supplied with the secondary appearance of the indicator alarm, the recorder, the conditioner, etc. for measurement, indication and process conditioning. The pressure transmitter is a field appearance that is directly connected to the measured medium. It often works in high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, sensation, impact and other environments. The outstanding reliability of the transmitter has become an influence on the pressure transmitter needs to continue to grow. One of the important factors.

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