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Principle Of Gas Pressure Transmitter

Mar 08, 2019

  The principle of gas pressure transmitter is introduced by Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.The medium pressure acts directly on the sensitive diaphragm,and the resistance distributed on the sensitive diaphragm forms a Wheatstone bridge.The pressure is converted to electric signal by piezoresistive effect,and the millivolt signal produced by the sensitive element is amplified to industrial standard signal by electronic circuit.

  Pressure transmitter is used to measure liquid level,density and pressure of liquid,gas or steam,and then convert pressure signal into 4-20 mADC signal output.There are mainly capacitive pressure transmitter and diffused silicon pressure transmitter,ceramic pressure transmitter,strain pressure transmitter and so on.

  Main parameters:

  Medium under test:gas(weak corrosiveness and dryness);

  Range:-100-0-6 MPa;

  Pressure type:differential pressure,gauge pressure;

  Output:analog output 4-20mA two-wire system,0-5V/0-10V(three-wire system),485 communication(four-wire system);

  Comprehensive accuracy:0.5%;

  Power supply:9-36 wide range power supply;

  Medium temperature:-40-80 C;

  Waterproof grade:IP65;

  Overload capacity:150%FS.