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Radar Level Gauge Selection And Method

Feb 07, 2017

Radar Level Gauge Selection and Method
     Radar  level gauge selection is the 20th century, the mid-60s began to use the  production of new technology products, is a use of microwave  measurement technology, non-contact level measurement instruments. In the early days, it was mainly used for tanker tank level measurement.
     Radar  level gauge selection to overcome the previous use of mechanical  contact level instrumentation of many shortcomings, such as the  difficulty of cleaning and maintenance of inconvenience and so on. Subsequently,  the radar level gauge was used for the measurement of the tank level on  the shore and the measurement of the liquid level in the oil refining  unit. With the continuous development of the petrochemical industry,  the application of radar level gauge is increasingly widespread,  especially the high-precision characteristics of the international  measurement agencies have been certified to meet the material  requirements of trade transfer materials.
     Radar  level gauge selection is the use of ultra-high frequency  electromagnetic waves through the antenna to the measured liquid level  of the container, when the electromagnetic wave reaches the surface  after the reflection back, received by the same antenna and detect the  difference between the emission wave and echo, Surface height. There  are two kinds of radar level gauge selection mode, corresponding to two  measurement principle, this approach is a "top-down" time travel  measurement system, the measurement system through the antenna to a  fixed bandwidth periodically to launch a fixed frequency The microwave pulse is received by the radar system after reflection of the material table.
     Radar  level gauge selection Antenna to receive the reflected microwave pulses  and pass it to the electronic circuit, the microprocessor for  processing this signal to identify the microwave pulse in the material  table and the resulting echo, and thus calculate the liquid level, Will be measured liquid level distance is proportional to the time and then converted into electrical signals. Radar  level meter selection of the microwave source is the x-band travel  control oscillator, the antenna is the microwave frequency is linear  modulation of the continuous wave, when the echo is received by the  antenna, the microwave transmission frequency has changed. The frequency difference between the transmitted wave and the  echo is proportional to the distance from the antenna to the liquid  level, thereby calculating the liquid level.
     Radar  level gauge selection mainly by the electronic control unit and  antenna, no moving parts, there is no mechanical wear, and mechanical  parts of the liquid level measuring instruments compared to a longer  service life, truly maintenance-free, can be used for most of the liquid  Bit  of the level of measurement, the issue of microwave can pass through the  vacuum, do not need to transfer the media, by the atmosphere, steam,  tank the impact of small fog. Radar  level gauge selection using non-contact measurement, from the tank  level density, concentration and other physical properties. Measuring range, strong anti-corrosion ability.
     Easy  to install, easy to maintain, high precision and high reliability, the  digital level and the analogue output are adopted. It can be configured  by single bus or multiple buses. The computer is connected. Radar  level gauge selection of a wide range of selection of a first to  consider the measured medium temperature, pressure, density, viscosity  and corrosive properties such as the impact of its performance. Therefore, in the selection of a medium for a specific conditions  under the characteristics of the appropriate antenna and the selected  header.
    Radar  level gauge selection For small size, complex shape of the tank or the  need to measure a variety of liquid interface applications, it is  recommended to use guided-wave antenna radar level gauge; more complex  measurement environment of the tank, such as media The  use of non-contact radar level gauge selection, the liquid level gauge  and the media does not touch, you can avoid the physical and chemical  properties of the media affect its measurement accuracy or level gauge  itself The damage.
    Selection of radar level gauge with different measurement accuracy according to the purpose of media measurement. If  only for internal cost accounting, accuracy requirements do not need to  be too high; if used for trade handover, you must choose high-precision  radar level gauge selection. In  order to save investment, in the measurement accuracy to meet the needs  of the premise of the choice of cost-effective products, due to the  accuracy of radar level gauge selection, routine maintenance and service  life directly affect the production efficiency and economic efficiency,  so excellent quality and satisfaction After-sales service is essential for users.