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Single Crystal Silicon Multi-parameter Sensing Module Enhances Differential Pressure Transmitter Performance

May 27, 2019

Single crystal silicon multi-parameter sensing module enhances differential pressure transmitter performance


The monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter is a pressure transmitter used in petrochemical, electric power, steel, cement, energy, and other process industries. For the process industry, continuous production process, stable and reliable pressure transmitter is the guarantee of the production process. The occurrence of measurement errors results in an emergency stop or device failure, resulting in economic losses and dangers that are unbearable. Therefore, for process industry users such as petrochemicals, the stability, and reliability of pressure transmitters are the core performance indicators for measuring a pressure transmitter.

For the stability of the pressure transmitter, the field engineer of the petrochemical industry often judges the zero drift after a few months of installation of the pressure transmitter. If there is a zero drift, the pressure transmitter will be considered. The stability is not good. As we all know, the production environment of the petrochemical industry is rather harsh. The pressure transmitter is essentially a kind of electronic metering equipment. It measures the corrosion of the medium during the process, and the external open-air stroke is affected by the sun and rain environment. It may cause some components to degrade performance and pressure for a long time. The stability of the transmitter will also decrease. Overall, the stability of pressure transmitters used in process industries includes media and ambient temperature effects, static pressure effects, and comprehensive indicators of zero point, full scale, and linearity.


Static pressure is an important indicator affecting the single crystal silicon pressure transmitter for the process industry. In the case of high static pressure differential pressure measurement, the error caused by static pressure may exceed the measurement range of differential pressure, causing serious errors in measurement results. There are static pressure effects on the differential pressure level and differential pressure flow of tanks, pipelines, etc. in petrochemical, electric power, steel, and other process industries. Differential pressure transmitters working in these static pressure effects need to obtain accurate measurement results. In order to ensure the stability of the production process and the consistency of the process, how to obtain accurate differential pressure measurement (level and flow) under high static pressure environment, pressure transmitter manufacturers have also been exploring, for single crystal silicon pressure transmitter Manufacturers, from the structural design of the differential pressure sensing module to balance the high pressure end and low pressure static pressure, to reduce the impact of static pressure error; another method is to use the single crystal silicon multi-parameter sensor module to compensate for the static pressure effect in real time, The static pressure effect is fundamentally solved to ensure high-precision differential pressure measurement.

Single crystal silicon multi-parameter sensors, also known as monocrystalline silicon multivariable sensors, integrate differential pressure, absolute or gauge pressure and temperature sensitive components. The differential pressure transmitter using single crystal silicon multi-parameter sensor can also measure the static pressure by absolute pressure or gauge pressure sensitive component, and perform real-time static pressure influence compensation, and the effect is better. For most users, the pressure transmitter is familiar with the linearity (precision) and temperature compensation on the production line. The method of static pressure compensation for the single crystal silicon multi-parameter sensing module is basically the same. Monocrystalline silicon multi-parameter sensing The module simultaneously performs static pressure, linear and temperature effects compensation on the production line.

The single crystal silicon pressure transmitter not only balances the static pressure from the mechanical design but also uses the single crystal silicon multi-parameter sensor module to compensate the static pressure error in real time, fundamentally solves the static pressure effect and meets the stability of the process industry users for the pressure transmitter. And reliability performance requirements.