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Summary Of All Kinds Of Faults Of Magnetic Plate Level Gauge

Dec 20, 2018

Summary of all kinds of faults of magnetic plate level gauge

Magnetic flip plate liquid level meter (also known as magnetic float liquid level meter) is developed based on the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling.When the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, tube of the magnetic float level gauge ontology is lifting, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling to a magnetic column indicator, column turn 180 ° driver red, white, double column level when it rises from white to red, when the liquid level drops from red to white, double column level indicator at the junction of the red and white for the inside of a container of actual height, so as to realize level clear instructions.

The liquid level meter can be directly used to observe the liquid level of medium in various containers.It is suitable for the oil, chemical and other industrial fields of liquid level indicator, the liquid level meter structure is simple, intuitive observation, clear, no blockage, no leakage, easy installation, simple maintenance.The flanges on the upper and lower ends of the glass plate level gauge are connected with the container to form a connector. The actual height of liquid level in the container can be directly observed through the glass plate.The upper and lower valves are equipped with safety steel balls. When the glass is damaged accidentally, the steel balls will be sealed automatically under the pressure inside the container to prevent liquid overflow inside the container and ensure the safety of operators.

Summary of all kinds of faults of magnetic plate level gauge

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of magnetic flip plate liquid level meter:

ⅰ. No indication of liquid level rise and fall or instrument

Fault reason of magnetic flip plate liquid level gauge:

1. Float leakage or float damage;

2. Float magnetic loss;

3. There are foreign bodies in the float room, and the float is stuck or unable to rise or fall.

Troubleshooting methods:

1. Clean the measuring bucket of the liquid level gauge;

Replace float.

Ii. Column turning indication is abnormal

Fault reason: magnetic reversal column lost magnetism.

Troubleshooting method: replace part of the magnetic loss of the column.

ⅲ. the meter leakage

1. Fault reason: the sealing place is not well sealed. Troubleshooting method: press the cover tightly;

2. Fault reason: seal is damaged, troubleshooting method: replace the seal gasket;

3. Fault reason: weld crack, troubleshooting method: repair welding or send to the manufacturer for maintenance.

Summary of all kinds of faults of magnetic plate level gauge

Special attention should be paid to opening the upper gate valve before opening the lower gate valve when the magnetic tilting plate liquid level gauge is put into use on site.Glass tube level meter this is due to the level meter connected to the bottom of the pipe with float protection thrust spring, otherwise, the role of large differential pressure may crash into the float lead to the level meter can not be used.

After the magnetic flip plate liquid level meter is put into use for a period of time, the float is difficult to float and the float movement is not flexible.This is basically because the magnetic float is coated with iron filings or other dirt.Can empty medium first, take out float again, eliminate magnetic float on some iron chip or other filth can.

Summary of all kinds of faults of magnetic plate level gauge

In the process of using the magnetic flip plate liquid level meter, if the output signal produces frequent disturbance or interference pulse, it is necessary to check whether the signal cable shield layer is reliably grounded and whether the resistance of the working connection can meet the requirements.If the interference is still not completely eliminated, a signal isolator can be used.