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Technical Improvements Make The V Cone Flow Meter Further Meet The Market

Aug 22, 2019

V cone flowmeter is a new generation of differential pressure flow meter measurement instruments, It includes the Conical tube, a special throttle device, the general-purpose differential pressure transmitter, and secondary instrument. The conical tube is a patented technology product, it makes a lot of technical improvements compared to the traditional differential pressure device.

 v-cone flow meter

(v cone flow device)

V cone-type flowmeter is one of the new throttling devices combines with the advantages of the classic venturi tube and annular orifice. It is the use of the throttle effect which the cone generated in the flow field to measure the flow. Different from other throttle flow meters,  it changes the throttle layout, throttling from the central hole into a circular flow control, The theoretical principle is based on the Bernoulli equation and the flow continuity equation based on the law of conservation of energy in closed conduits. In the case of steady flow, the velocity in the pipe is proportional to the square root of the differential pressure. V cone flow meter has good stability, high accuracy, good repeatability, wide range, low requirements of the installation pipe, and small pressure loss, it can measure with solid particles of fluid, high-pressure fluid, high humidity gas and a variety of stolen dirty fluid.

v cone flow meter

(v cone with pressure transmitter)

Market development is in progress, faced with changes in the development of the times and the expansion of market size, we Huaheng are also making the technical development planning in accordance with the development of the market, trying to keep up with the trend of development of the times. V cone flowmeter is the new generation of products developed by us when we follow the development of the times and market development. Through thousands of times of the test and correction, Huaheng conquered the difficulties, and gradually introduced the v cone flowmeter to the market, finally, the product sales and market feedback have proved that the correction of Huaheng development strategy and technical reliability.


In the past few years in the production and sales process, through technology upgrading, our equipment makes a great improvement in the market in the aspects of technical and functional. there are a great development advantage and competitive strength for us. In the development process of v cone flowmeter, we know more and more complex market environment on the stringent requirements of manufacturers, Now our development is subject to the market constraints lots of times, but in order to develop the stability and long-term consideration we must abide by the criteria of the market, we have to cater to the market development trend, Only in this way can we produce and sell more qualified equipment, the technology will become more mature, and we can occupy a greater advantage in the market.