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Temperature Sensor Common Faults And Solutions

Jul 11, 2019

At present, temperature sensors are increasingly used in different fields, and such problems will inevitably occur during use.

Temperature sensor technology is very mature, and it is very common in various factories. Temperature sensors are often used with some instruments, and there are often some small faults in the matching process.

Therefore, here are a few common faults and solutions after encountering a fault:

First, the transmitter output does not change when the measured medium temperature rises or falls.

This situation is mostly a problem of temperature sensor sealing, which may be due to the fact that the temperature sensor is not sealed or the sensor is welded a small hole accidentally during soldering. This situation usually needs to be replaced by replacing the sensor housing.

Second, the output signal is unstable.

This reason is the reason for the temperature source. The temperature source is an unstable temperature. If the meter is unstable, it is the reason why the meter´s anti-interference ability is not strong.

Third, the transmitter output error is large.

There are many reasons for this. It may be that the temperature sensor of the selected temperature sensor is not correct for the range error, and it may be that the sensor is not calibrated when it leaves the factory.

The temperature sensor failure is rare. As long as it is carefully tested at the factory, these conditions can be avoided. Therefore, the temperature sensor should be inspected at the factory, and the customer can also ask the sensor manufacturer for a factory inspection report. For reference.