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The Testing Machine Equipment Industry Is Surging, And It Is Urgent To Find A Development Path.

Nov 30, 2018

The testing machine equipment industry is surging, and it is urgent to find a development path.

Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduce to you: This testing machine is a device for performing physical experiments such as stretching, compression, bending and bending before the materials are put into production. With increasingly complex technologies in the industry, testing machines play an important role in important areas such as people's lives and scientific research. The testing machine products are constantly innovating, improving and perfecting, and strive to adapt to the various properties of the test materials.

The testing machine equipment industry is surging, and it is urgent to find a development path.

The material testing machine is a device for detecting the mechanical properties and process performance of materials and components, and is widely used in scientific research experiments of scientific research institutions and enterprises. Take metal material testing machine as an example, mainly including tensile testing machine, pressure testing machine, universal testing machine, torsion testing machine, creep testing machine, permanent strength testing machine, relaxation testing machine, impact testing machine, fatigue testing machine, etc. on.

The Universal Material Testing Machine is a test and experimental equipment that is often used in many industries. It is essential in industrial production and there are many types and brands of universal material testing machines. At present, the market demand for general material testing machines in China is still increasing. At the same time, the development and capital investment of general-purpose material testing machines is also increasing. Many general material testing machine companies have proposed and promoted universal material testing machine technology and industry. development of.

The market demand for electronic tensile testing machines has developed rapidly and has become one of the top ten mechanical industries in China. From the beginning to the rapid rise of the industry over the years, in terms of development speed and development prospects, China's electronic tensile testing machine industry should not be underestimated. In the future development, the electronic tensile testing machine will gradually develop with the development of the commodity market and become the focus of the industry development.

The drop tester plays a decisive role in the packaging industry. Testing the various properties of the package corner is a complete device that cannot be underestimated on the market. Although researchers continue to innovate new products, there are still many user groups in the relevant market, and the prospect of dropping testing machines is very obvious.

From the perspective of the overall market environment, the scientific instrument market is surging, and it has ushered in a rare period of historical opportunity. In this context, the development of the laboratory testing machine market has also increased. Although the market development prospects are clear, China's testing machine industry still has a large gap with imported brands in terms of market size, product performance, independent innovation and channel development.

To this end, in order to achieve a healthy development of China's testing machine industry, we must first focus on technological innovation, master key technologies, avoid multi-level competition, and expand a broader space for development.

The testing machine equipment industry is surging, and it is urgent to find a development path.

Second, enterprises must continuously improve their service capabilities, strengthen after-sales service management, smooth complaint channels, and optimize service processes. The after-sales service of the testing machine is also very important, because the testing machine is a mechatronics device, involving mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, computer software and many other aspects, any aspect may lead to the success or failure of the test. The accuracy of the test results. influences.

In addition, although testing machine companies are developing new products, they should reasonably consider the price/performance ratio of the products. In this price war market, the testing machine company can only produce high-quality, high-quality products to truly benefit consumers, and users will have a soft spot for brand products.

In general, the development of the testing machine industry needs to be steadily advanced and long-term. The success of a company is by no means an accident, as is the case with testing machine companies. In addition to improving its own development, testing machine companies also need to have a visionary and reciprocal cooperation with peer companies to jointly meet the changing challenges of the market, thus achieving a win-win situation.