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"The Belt and Road Initiatives" strategy under the new opportunities in China's instrumentation industry

May 18, 2017

May 14, 2017, "The Belt and Road Initiatives" International  Cooperation Summit held in Beijing, China, the governments, local  governments, and so reached a series of cooperation consensus, important  initiatives and pragmatic results.
"The Belt and Road Initiatives" to accelerate the layout of the  international market, instrumentation and other manufacturing industries  as the basis of the national economy, will also usher in new  opportunities and challenges.

Oil, natural gas and other energy industry has been "The Belt and Road Initiatives" building an important fulcrum. Located  in the "Silk Road Economic Zone" on the Central Asian countries rich in  oil and gas reserves, has always been a key area of overseas energy  cooperation. At present, China has carried out the exploration and development and  operation of the Amuhe natural gas field in Turkmenistan, the operation  of gas pipeline construction in Central Asia and the corresponding  import and trade of natural gas.

In  the development and transportation of oil and natural gas, a series of  equipment such as liquid level meter and flowmeter instrument used for  measurement has a very important role, and the development of petroleum,  natural gas and coalbed methane is also determined. With the development of oil equipment industry.

"The  Belt and Road Initiatives" strategy for the implementation of China's  liquid level meters and flow meters and other equipment to provide the  use of export potential. In  recent years, China's liquid flow, liquid level and other instruments  to increase the amount of exports, from January to September 2016, China  exported a total of 15.9597 million liquid flow level equipment, an  increase of 4.5757 million, an increase of 39.97%, exports 2128.99 Million dollars, with the "The Belt and Road Initiatives" along the  national and regional oil and gas exploration and development and  transport channel construction, I believe this figure will continue to  increase.

In  addition, "The Belt and Road Initiatives" market development for  China's power industry is also very important, it will give China's  power grid construction investment opportunities, open the new blueprint  for China's power equipment, and related power meters and other power  equipment Will benefit from the development of opportunities.

"The  Belt and Road Initiatives" along the country's power generation and  power grid equipment external dependence is extremely high, the lack of  domestic equipment manufacturers and the general contractor. In India, power grid construction is still in the growth stage, very dependent on imports. At  present, India's distribution network equipment behind and stealing  serious phenomenon, in 2014, India has released urban and rural  distribution network upgrade program, focusing on investment in smart  meters, distribution network automation and other fields, which for our  meter enterprises to provide a huge market. With the "The Belt and Road Initiatives" construction, China's meter  companies are expected to further expand the market share in India, the  "Made in China" in India.

With the implementation of the "The Belt and Road Initiatives" strategy, the ancient Silk Road once again revitalized. China's instrumentation companies will also usher in a broader market  space, seize the opportunity to enhance research and innovation  capabilities, strengthen brand building in order to achieve greater  development in the international market.