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The Release Of This Document Will Stimulate The Demand For Instrumentation.

Mar 13, 2019

  To strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and promote green development,Xi'an Huaheng Instrument introduces that strong technical support and industrial foundation are needed.Developing green industry is not only a strong support to promote the construction of ecological civilization and win the battle of pollution prevention and control,but also an important content to cultivate new momentum of green development and achieve high-quality development.

  In recent years,all regions and departments attach great importance to the development of green industry,and have issued a series of policies and measures,which have effectively promoted the development and growth of green industry.But at the same time,it also faces such problems as generalization of concepts,different standards and inadequate supervision.

  In order to further clarify the industrial boundaries,guide the limited policies and funds to the most important,key and urgent industries for promoting green development,effectively serve major strategies,major projects and major policies,and lay a solid industrial foundation for winning the battle of pollution prevention and control and building a beautiful China,the National Development and Reform Commission has worked out the"Green Industry"with relevant departments.Guidance Catalogue(2019 edition)(hereinafter referred to as"Catalogue")puts forward the key points of green development.

  The publication of the Catalogue means that environmental protection and energy saving have become the mainstream of China's economic and social development.In the process of realizing green industrial development and saving energy resources in China,instruments,as an important technical means of monitoring and measuring whether the standards are met,will play an irreplaceable important role.The relevant parts of the Catalogue are as follows.

  1.1.15 Energy metering,monitoring and control equipment manufacturing includes energy-saving testing equipment,online energy metering equipment,online energy testing equipment,thermal testing equipment,energy-saving automatic control equipment,temperature metering equipment,flow metering equipment,electric power metering equipment,thermal metering equipment and other equipment manufacturing.

  3.1.8 Manufacturing of smart grid products and equipment includes smart transformers,rectifiers and inductors,advanced power electronic devices,intelligent transmission and distribution and control equipment,UHV transmission equipment,pumped storage equipment,new energy storage equipment,charging facilities,smart grid and new energy related control products.

  3.2.10 Heat pump construction and operation includes air source heat pump,ground water source heat pump,surface water source heat pump,sewage source heat pump,ground source heat pump,high temperature air energy heat pump and other systems.

  5.1.1 The construction of ultra-low energy consumption buildings refers to the design and construction of ultra-low energy consumption buildings.Among them,residential buildings should conform to the"Technical Guidelines for Passive Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Green Buildings(Trial Implementation)(Residential Buildings)".

  5.1.2 Green buildings refer to the design and construction of green buildings.Buildings should meet the requirements of one star or more in the standard 45 of"Green Building Evaluation Standard"(GB/T 50378)and"Green Industrial Building Evaluation Standard"(GB/T 50878),as well as the relevant requirements of"Green Terminal Standard"(MH/T 5033)and"Tobacco Industry Green Building Evaluation Standard"(YC/T 396).

  5.1.5 Energy-saving and green renovation of existing buildings refers to the implementation of energy-saving and green renovation of existing buildings,which should meet the standards of"Technical Regulations for Energy-saving Renovation of Existing Residential Buildings"(JGJ/T 129),"Technical Specifications for Energy-saving Renovation of Public Buildings"(JGJ 176),"Evaluation Standards for Green Renovation of Existing Buildings"(GB/T 51141).

  5.3.5 The construction and operation of metering leakage control in urban water supply network zoning include the renovation and construction of urban public water supply facilities,the renovation and operation of flow metering,water quality monitoring,pressure regulation,data acquisition and remote transmission of water supply network leakage control equipment and facilities.

  5.4.1 The clean construction,operation and transformation of urban central heating system include energy-saving and environmental protection transformation of urban central heating boiler,energy-saving transformation of urban central heating pipeline network,construction and operation of low-grade industrial waste heat heating system,implementation of clean heat source substitution according to local conditions,etc.

  5.4.2 Intelligent construction,operation and transformation of urban power facilities include development and construction of power demand side management platform,power substitution,intelligent transformation of power equipment,etc.5.4.3 The construction and operation of urban integrated energy supply facilities include the construction and operation of multi-energy complementary utilization facilities,distributed energy supply system,intelligent micro-grid and so on.

  5.4.3 The construction and operation of urban integrated energy supply facilities include the construction and operation of multi-energy complementary utilization facilities,distributed energy supply system,intelligent micro-grid and so on.

  6.2.1 Energy management system construction includes energy management system consulting service,energy management benchmarking enterprise information consulting,energy management system construction effectiveness evaluation,energy management system tool software development,energy management system certification service,etc.

  6.2.2 Energy management services under contract include energy-saving transformation services for enterprises,consultation on business model of energy management under contract,and financing services for energy management under contract.

  6.2.3 Energy trading services include statistical accounting services,third-party auditing services,legal consultation services for energy trading,consultation and services for energy-saving schemes,construction of energy trading platform,management and operation services for energy-using assets,and financial pledge services for energy-using rights.

  6.2.7 DSM services include energy saving service,environmental protection service,green service,intelligent service and orderly service.It is required to comply with the Electricity Demand Side Management Measures(Revised Edition)(Development and Reform Operational Regulations(2017)1690).

  6.3.1 Energy-saving assessment and energy audit include energy efficiency assessment service for energy-using units,energy-saving transformation scheme design service for enterprises,third-party energy audit service,energy-saving assessment service,energy audit training service,energy-saving report preparation service for 55 fixed assets investment projects,etc.

  6.4.1 Energy online monitoring system construction includes energy consumption data acquisition scheme design,energy consumption monitoring remote terminal equipment procurement,energy consumption online monitoring computer platform development,energy consumption measurement and online monitoring equipment calibration services,energy consumption monitoring database and application software development.

  (Source:National Development and Reform Commission,Global Meter)