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Turbine Flowmeter Features

May 25, 2017

Turbine flowmeter features:

Turbine flowmeter is a flow meter with many advantages. Summed up, it has the following characteristics.

(1) high accuracy

The accuracy of the turbine flowmeter is around (0.5-1). In the linear flow range, even if the flow changes, the cumulative flow accuracy will not be reduced. And in a short time, the turbine flowmeter reproducibility of up to 0.05%.

(2) range than wide

The flow ratio of the turbine flowmeter is up to 1:10. In the same caliber, the maximum flow rate of the turbine flowmeter is greater than many other flowmeters.

(3) strong adaptability

Turbine flowmeter can be made into a closed structure, the speed  signal is non-contact measurement, so easy to achieve high pressure  design.

If  the flowmeter's turbines and bearings choose high temperature, thermal  expansion coefficient of small materials, you can use in a wide  temperature range. At this time, should pay attention to its instrument coefficient correction.

(4) digital signal output

The turbine flowmeter output is a pulsed digital signal proportional to the flow rate. It has the advantage of not having the accuracy in the transmission  process, easy to accumulate, and easy to feed into the computer system.