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Turbine Flowmeter Selection Steps

Feb 22, 2017

Turbine flowmeter is the main varieties of impeller flowmeter, impeller flowmeter also anemometer, water meter and so on. The following will tell you about the turbine flowmeter selection step.

1, select the type. According to the choice of fluid properties, gas and liquid, respectively, with gas and liquid type, can not be universal. In the working state of liquid viscosity more than 5mpa should use high viscosity type, (there is no domestic product). Acid corrosion liquid selection of acid resistance (there is no domestic product).

2, confirm the available measurement object.

3, according to environmental conditions, according to the ambient  temperature and humidity, select the right instrument, such as the  surrounding explosive flammable atmosphere should use explosion-proof  sensor.

4, according to the pipeline connection mode selection, the sensor has two horizontal and vertical installation. Horizontal installation and pipe connection with flange connection, threaded connection and clip connection. Medium  diameter selection flange connection, small diameter and high pressure  pipe selection screw connection, clip connection only applies to the low  pressure small diameter. Vertical mounting only threaded connection.

5, select the specifications. According  to the site conditions such as flow range, pipe diameter, fluid  pressure and temperature, installation location and performance  requirements, such as accuracy, repeatability, display mode and other  reference factory selection samples or instructions to select the  specific specifications, May not find the right one. Had to choose another flow meter.

Due to the different specifications of the turbine flowmeter type,  especially the different manufacturers of different product quality, we  must try to collect the manufacturer and the relevant standards and  other information to be repeated after the investigation and then  decided to choose.