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Ubiquitous Power Internet Of Things Construction Speed Up, These Three Types Of Instrumentation Enterprises Will Take The Lead In Benefiting

Mar 19, 2019

  Recently, the State Grid Corporation issued a message to make a comprehensive deployment arrangement for the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things.

According to the arrangement, by 2021, the State Grid will initially build a ubiquitous Internet of Things, basically achieve business collaboration and data connectivity, initially achieve unified IOT management, and support the development of grid business and emerging business.

  Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things(UPIOT)is a smart service system with comprehensive state awareness, efficient information processing, convenient and flexible application. It fully uses modern information technology and advanced communication technology such as mobile interconnection and artificial intelligence to realize interconnection and human-computer interaction in all aspects of the power system. It involves five layers of terminal information collector(sensor, RFID,etc.), edge computing, communication network, cloud platform, and artificial intelligence, including four layers of structure: perception layer, network layer, platform layer, and application layer.

  In short, Ubiquitous Internet of Things is the specific application of 5G technology and Internet of Things concept in power industry system. Firstly, it is a new generation of the information communication system. Secondly, it can link the equipment, customer service, and data of energy production, transmission, and consumption in real time. Thirdly, it can fully carry the business of power grid operation, enterprise operation, customer service and a new type of business.

  Societe Generale Securities Research, Great Wall Securities and Anxin Securities all said that in the next few years, Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things has great application potential, and will continue to upgrade in the future. The average annual investment in the State Grid has increased from 10 billion yuan to 40 billion-60 billion yuan.

  It is understood that more than 500 million terminals(450 million meters, tens of millions of protection, acquisition and control devices)are connected to the national network system. By 2030, the number of devices connected to the SG-IoT system will reach 2 billion. The whole ubiquitous Internet of Things will be the largest Internet of Things ecosystem with access devices.

  In addition,with the acceleration of investment in the ubiquitous power Internet of things,three kinds of enterprises,namely,the telecommunications industry unit of the national network system,the power secondary equipment enterprise and the related software enterprise,the sensor monitoring enterprise and the related application enterprise,which have the comprehensive strength of the overall solution of the ubiquitous power Internet of things,will benefit.

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