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Ultrasoinc Water Level Transducer Arduino In Water Treatment

Jul 18, 2019

Ultrasonic water level transducers arduino are commonly used in water treatment and water level measurement. Therefore, it can be used in the level sensor of water level data acquisition system and hydrologic automatic measuring and reporting system. On the one hand, compared with the submersible water level sensor, ultrasonic water level transducer not only has stable performance, but also is widely used in water level measurement of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and various hydraulic structures. On the other hand, because of its wireless liquid level measurement method, it is also suitable for water level monitoring without vertical plane on the shore.


Since ultrasonic water level transducer arduino is a non-contact measurement, we do not need to worry about cable entanglement. Secondly, according to the principle of ultrasonic water level transducer, it is usually installed on the top of measured medium. After electrification, the sensor emits ultrasonic pulse to the medium, which passes through the air and reaches the surface of the medium and is reflected back. Part of the reflected echo is received by the same sensor and converted into electrical signal. The time taken from the pulse to receive, that is, the transmission time of the pulse, is proportional to the distance from the sensor to the surface of the medium. The distance between the sensor and the dielectric surface can be calculated according to the transmission pulse time and pulse speed (340 m/s). More importantly, due to damped oscillation time characteristics of ultrasonic water level transducer, the echo sensor reflected from a certain distance below it cannot receive, so this distance is called blind zone distance. The minimum distance between the sensor diaphragm and the water surface depends on the design parameters of sensor and its maximum measuring range depends on the attenuation of the air to the ultrasonic wave and the intensity of the pulse reflected from the surface of medium.


Although ultrasonic water level transducer arduino has so many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. This deficiency is due to defects in product design, not sensor quality.