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Use Of Natural Gas Flow Meter Precautions

May 16, 2017

Trial run

Whether it is a new selection of the design or the new installation of  the natural gas flow meter measurement system; after our installation  check, confirmed correct, the test should be carried out test work.

In the trial operation, we must follow the following procedures:

1. First, turn off the flow meter on and off valve and control valve; then slowly open the bypass valve.

2. Finally, start the flowmeter work.

In the start of the flow meter work, will encounter some problems:

① with the electrical far from the flow meter, first connected to the power line and signal lines, preheating.

Our solution is: first slowly open the flow meter before the switch  valve; then slowly open the flow meter after the control valve; finally  slowly close the bypass valve, the flow meter in the normal flow of  work.

② When the measured fluid temperature is high, and the temperature difference with the ambient temperature is very large.

Our solution is: then we should preheat the metering system; make the  flowmeter and piping system slowly warming, so as to ensure that the  flow meter to work properly.

3. After that, we observe the changes in the operating parameters of the state, such as: temperature, pressure and so on.

If the system does not have much vibration, noise and leakage  conditions; and, after a steady operation for some time, the trial run  is over.