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Vortex Flowmeter How Better Anti-lightning

Apr 25, 2017

Intelligent  vortex flowmeter is a commonly used flow measurement instruments, with  accurate measurement, stable performance, the use of flexible, high  reliability, easy maintenance and so on. Vortex  flowmeter in use need to pay attention to mine, especially soon to  enter the rainy season and summer, the southern region will often appear  lightning thunderstorms. Lightning for the vortex flow meter caused by the harm is very large. Today to specifically introduce the vortex flowmeter lightning protection method.
First  of all talk about the lightning on the vortex flow meter hazards:

1,  lightning through the power part of the invasion burned out the  instrument.

2,  lightning generated at the same time with a strong magnetic field  instrumentation electronic components produce magnetic induction, and  instantly generate strong voltage and current, breakdown insulation  burnout instrument.

3, lightning pulse wave through the wireless network intrusion flow meter burned communication chip or instrument.
The  main problems exist, the instrument is usually installed in the few  people, the road is difficult to walk; hot pipeline is very long,  overhead way to have buried; users are generally in the development  zone, from the thermal power plant location far, ,  The overhead line is relatively a lightning object; urban heating is  mainly hotels, bathrooms, etc., where the earth is relatively serious  environmental pollution, soil electrolyte concentration is high, easy to  be lightning; instrument and instrument box is usually installed  outdoors. Wind and rain, easy to be rust oxidation, grounding effect is getting worse.
What are the effective lightning strikes in the use of flow meters?
1, external lightning protection. Including lightning rod, lightning belt, cited off the line, grounding and so on.
2, internal lightning protection. In  the need to protect the front of the equipment to install the  appropriate lightning protection device, so that equipment, lines and  the earth to form a conditional equipotential body. The two complement each other, are indispensable. The  external lightning protection system protects the building body from  lightning, and the internal lightning protection is to prevent the  induction of lightning and other forms of overvoltage intrusion  equipment damage, which is outside the lightning protection can not be  guaranteed. Lightning protection work is a persistent work, in the work to  continue to explore and improve, improve work efficiency and measurement  management level.
Good  state instrumentation special reminder, in special weather, especially  in the summer lightning more season, for the protection of the  instrument is still very necessary to do some preventive measures, can  effectively reduce the damage to the instrument, so as not to cause The necessary loss