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Vortex Flowmeter Maintenance Knowledge

Mar 13, 2017

Vortex flowmeter maintenance knowledge

1, vortex flow sensor without moving parts, long time running without wear without regular maintenance. When the measured medium is not pure or sediment, according to the actual situation, regular cleaning of the sensor.

2, maintenance vortex flow meter, should be particularly good protection of the whirlpool body and probe body. In  the absence of the probe body failure, not free to disassemble, so as  not to damage the probe body or damage the sealing performance,  resulting in sensor leakage.

3,  explosion-proof vortex flow sensor on-site maintenance, does not allow  live maintenance and on-site use of instrumentation, the use of  multimeter power should not be greater than 9VDC.

4,  vortex flow sensor according to the national measurement procedures  "JJG198-94 speed flow meter verification procedures", the test cycle for  two years.