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What Are The Advantages Of The Guided Wave Radar Level Gauge?

Feb 13, 2017

Guided  wave radar level gauge is a time-domain reflection based on the  application of the chemical industry level measurement instruments,  using advanced radar measurement technology, excellent performance. Is now widely used in high temperature, harsh environment of liquid measurement. The  liquid level meter has many advantages, the technical advantage of  which is measured from temperature changes, media changes, inert gas and  steam, foam, etc., can withstand 250 degrees high temperature, 40 kg  high pressure, even dangerous explosion area It is also suitable. The  advantage of the measurement range is that the guided wave radar level  gauge can measure any medium with a dielectric constant greater than or  equal to 1.4, and it can also measure a medium with a measured viscosity  ≤500 cst and is less prone to adhesion. The advantage of the use of the level gauge operation is very simple, easy to debug. For  the relatively small dielectric constant of the liquid material it also  has its own method, you can use double probe measuring method, both to  measure the dielectric constant of relatively small liquid material, but  also to ensure a good measurement accuracy, can be described as two  birds with one stone. In the installation of guided wave radar level gauge should also pay attention. Installation should pay attention to avoid the feed port, to prevent false reflection of the situation. Only  a reasonable installation to ensure that the level gauge long-term safe  and reliable use, the use of threaded connection, the length of the  thread can not exceed 150mm, the length is very critical. Of  course, can also be installed in the short tube above, this  installation requirements are high, the ideal requirement is to be less  than 150mm in diameter, height should be less than 150mm, when the  instrument needs to be installed in the diameter of more than 200mm  short tube, the short tube wall will produce Echo, when installed, we should try to avoid installation in the diameter of more than 250mm on the short tube. Do not install at the center of the arched tank, otherwise the sensor will increase the false echo received. Guided  wave radar level gauge in the measurement should be noted that only in  the top of the blind and the bottom of the blind area between the place  is the effective measurement of the distance. It  is worth the attention of the liquid level meter installed in the  plastic tank, if the tank is also plastic or other non-conductive  material, then the instrument needs to be equipped with metal flange, if  you are using a threaded connection, you need to match a metal plate.