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What Are The Characteristics Of Sensitive Elements Of Precision Pressure Gauge?

Mar 05, 2019

  In order to better use the precision pressure gauge,Xi'an Huaheng Instrument introduced:We need to have a certain knowledge of the internal sensitive elements of the precision pressure gauge,so that we can more easily use and check the precision pressure gauge.

  In the use of precision pressure gauges,we will question the terms proportional limit,elastic limit,elastic deformation of elastic elements and inelastic effect.

  Proportional limit refers to the maximum stress when the relative deformation of the material increases in proportion to the stress,which is called proportional limit.

  The elastic limit means that under the action of force,the residual deformation of the spring tube has reached a predetermined small value,which is expressed by elasticity.

  Under the action of pressure,the geometry and size of the elastic sensor of precision pressure gauge will change.Within the elastic limit,the change is proportional to the pressure.When the pressure is cancelled,the element can return to its initial size and shape.This phenomenon is called elastic deformation.

  The elastic aftereffect of the elastic element of precision pressure gauge refers to that the original shape and size of the elastic element can not be restored immediately after the action pressure of the elastic element is cancelled,and it takes a certain time for the elastic element to restore the original shape and size.This phenomenon is called elastic aftereffect.