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What Are The Components Of The Digital Pressure Gauge?

Mar 01, 2019

  A conventional digital pressure gauge usually consists of sensors,power supply,acquisition chip,pressure interface,case and so on.Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.details:if there are additional functions,there are other components such as output interface.Now let's analyze the main role of these components.

  1.The output interface is mainly communicated by computer software and reads real-time data of digital pressure gauge.

  2.The conventional pressure interface is M20*1.5,which can also be customized.

  3.The sensor part generally consists of pressure sensor and temperature sensor.

  4.The acquisition chip mainly collects the signals.

  5.The power supply part of the battery is converted to the voltage required by the circuit by LDO.If there is switch-over,a power off circuit is added to the front end.

  6.Microprocessor(CPU)sets and calculates all kinds of parameters,and sends the data to LCD.The periphery includes memory,keyboard and display part.