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Working Principle Of Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

Feb 28, 2019

  The working principle of engine oil pressure sensor?Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.will introduce to you:There is a sliding resistance in the oil pressure sensor.The sliding resistance potentiometer is moved by the oil pressure,the current of the oil pressure gauge is changed,and the position of the pointer is changed.


  It is easy to produce sludge when the engine temperature is high,so it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the engine and the choice of oil.

  It makes sense to choose high quality oil.Why do high quality engine oils,such as Shell,attach great importance to the cleanliness of products?Because engine oil is related to lubrication,wear reduction,temperature reduction and sealing of engine,poor cleanliness of engine oil often can not prevent the accumulation of carbon deposits.The accumulation of carbon deposits in the engine will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner,piston and piston ring,causing more serious damage to the engine.

  Underneath the engine is the intake pressure sensor,which connects the intake manifold with a vacuum tube.With the different speed loads of the engine,the vacuum changes in the intake manifold are induced,and then the change of the internal resistance of the sensor is converted into a voltage signal for ECM computer to correct the injection volume and ignition timing angle.