High Pressure Transducer

The high pressure transducer, is a new type of industrial pressure transmitter developed by our company. Stainless steel corrosion-resistant construction for pressure measurement of general liquids and gases. We can use it for: tap water, petroleum transmission, chemical process, and various system pressure measurement, to achieve measurement, control, alarm, dispatch, energy saving and other purposes.

Product Details

High pressure transducer

High-pressure transducer,

for measuring the level, flow and pressure of liquids,

gases or vapors at high operating pressures,

and then converting to a 4-20 mA DC signal output.

The intelligent high-pressure pressure transmitter can communicate with the HART Communicator

to set, track or form a field monitoring system with the host computer.

The high pressure transducer applications:

oil mining platforms, water flow equipment,

high-pressure measuring equipment, hydraulic control systems,

test benches and industrial automation control and feedback.

high pressure transducer

Parameters of the high-pressure transducer

1. Performance specifications of high pressure transmitter

(Zero reference calibration range,

silicone oil filled, 316 L stainless steel,

isolating diaphragm under reference conditions.)

1.1. Reference accuracy of high pressure sensor working

1.1.1. Digital, intelligent: ±0.1% calibration range

1.1.2. Analog, linear: ±0.2% calibration range

1.2. Stability of high pressure sensor

1.2.1. Number, intelligence: 6 months, ±0.1% URL

1.2.2. Simulation, linear: 6 months, ±0.2% URL

1.3. Environmental temperature effects of high pressure transducer

1.3.1. Digital, intelligent

Zero error: ±0.2% URL/56°C

Omit error: ± (0.2% URL + 0.18% check range) / 56 ° C

1.3.2. Simulation, linear

Zero error: ±0.5% URL/56°C

Omit error: ± (0.5% URL + 0.5% calibration range) / 56 ° C

1.4. Static pressure effect when high pressure sensor working

1.4.1. Zero point:

For ranges 4 to 8, it is ±0.2% URL at 13790 kPa; the other ranges are ±0.25% URL. The zero error can be corrected online by re-zeroing.

1.4.2. Range:

Can be corrected to ±0.25% output reading /6895kPa, for range 3, can be corrected to ±0.5% output reading /6895kPa

1.5. Vibration effects of high-pressure sensor

In an axial direction, the vibration impact at 200 Hz is ±0.05% URL/g

1.6. Power supply impact 

Less than ±0.005% output range/volt.

1.7. Load impact:

No load is affected unless the supply voltage changes.

1.8. Electromagnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI Impact)

From 20 to 1000MHz, when the field strength reaches 30V/M,

The output drift is less than ±0.1% of range.

1.9. Installation location impact of the high pressure transmitter

The zero drift is at most ±0.25 kPa. All zero drifts can be corrected; there is no effect on the range.

2. Functional specifications of high pressure transducer

2.1. Measurement range: 0~1.6MPA 100 150 200 250 300 600MPA

2.2. Zero and range of the high-pressure transmitterr

2.2.1. Number, intelligence:

It can be adjusted with the local range and zero buttons, or with the HART Communicator.

2.2.2. Simulation, linear:

The range and zero points are adjustable.

2.3. Zero positive and negative migration of  the high accuracy pressure transducers

For zero-point negative migration,

the lower range limit must be greater than or equal to -URL;

when the zeropointis being migrated, the upper range limit must be less than or equal to +URL.

The calibration range is greater than or equal to a small range.

2.4.Out put of the high pressure transducer

Digital, intelligence:

4~20mA DC.

The user can choose linear or square root output,

the digital process variable is superimposed on 4~20mA DC signal,

which the host computer adopting HART protocol can use.

Simulation, linear:

4 to 20 mA DC, linear with process pressure.

We use the HQ-1151/3051/3851/3351DP series of high pressure transmitters to measure:

the level, density, and pressure of liquids, gases or vapors,

and then convert them into 4-20 mA DC signal outputs.

The HQ-1151/3051/3851/3351DP intelligent type can communicate with the HART Communicator,

to set, track or form an on-site monitoring system with the host computer.


field adjustable intelligent differential pressure transmitter is a new product,

developed by our company according to the requirements of the site.

We can separate it from the handheld communicator and realize on-site zero change,

and configuration operations by means of buttons.

Xi'an Huaheng Instrument,a pressure transducer manufacturer.

Pressure sensors are our core technology.

You can contact us for product inquiry,

our pressure transducer price, cost-effective, stable quality.

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