​2088TR Series Liquid pressure sensor

Pressure transducer to measure water level is mainly used for urban water supply and drainage, water treatment plants, reservoirs, rivers, oceans, oil storage tanks, and liquid level measurement in petroleum, chemical, electric power and other departments.

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2088TR Series Liquid pressure sensor

Liquid Pressure sensors for corrosive liquids and gases

The 2088TR series pressure sensor

one kind of low-pressure sensor,

provides exceptional levels of stability,

and other performance specifications,

in a wide variety of enclosures from submersible to differential styles.

By using a sputtered sensing element,

which achieves a molecular fusion of a strain gauge material,

an insulating material, and the 17-4 PH ss sensing element,

the 2088TR series transmitter provides the most stable sensor construction possible.

These sputtered sensors are packaged for harsh applications,

requiring long term submersible service where precise laboratory type measurements are required.

Also in the 2088TR series pressure transmitter

is a range of high performance amplified sensors,

with voltage and current outputs. These laboratory specification sensors use the same thin film sensor as 2088TR.

Matching up with the ever-increasing requirements of the customers,

we are engaged in providing liquid level pressure sensor,

liquid differential pressure sensor.

Features of 2088TR Series Liquid pressure sensor :

Excellent Thermal Effects

Low Output Noise

Fast Response

Millivolt Output

Gauge, Sealed, Absolute, 

and Differential Pressure Models Available  

Submersible, Waterproof and High-Temperature Enclosures

Applications of 2088TR Series Liquid pressure sensor:

Off-Highway Vehicles

Natural Gas Equipment

Semiconductor Processing

Power Plants




Transducer Development

Medical Applications

Barometric Compensation

HVAC Sensors

Automotive Applications

Liquid Level Sensors

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Level and Pressure Sensors and Controls?

Huaheng is a leading manufacturer of a broad portfolio of liquid level,

flow and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, solid-state electronics, and fluidic systems.

Decades of application engineering experience,

has given Huaheng the knowledge required to deliver tailored products,

that measure up to today's most sophisticated and critical applications.

From standard or custom configured components,

to engineered integrated sub-assemblies to complete fluidic systems.

Huaheng is dedicated to being your one source for all your fluid sensing and controls needs.

Pressure Transducer To Measure Water Level-2088TR Series Liquid pressure sensor

Pressure transducer to measure the water level,

is mainly used for urban water supply and drainage,

water treatment plants, reservoirs, rivers, oceans,

oil storage tanks, and liquid level measurement in petroleum,

chemical, electric power, and other departments.

The medium to be tested may be water, oil, acid, alkaline and viscous liquid.

The instrument outputs a two-wire 4~20mADC standard current signal.

It has the advantages of advanced technology, high precision,

stable and reliable quality, convenient installation and use, etc.

It is an ideal liquid level instrument in the process detection and control system.

Performance Data of 2088TR Series Liquid pressure sensor:



Measuring Ranges

0.08-16 Bar G

Vacuum, compound & special high ranges.

Output Signal

4 to 20mA proportional to pressure/ level 2 wire system

Power Supply

13 to 40V DC at instruments terminals

Permissible Load

Up to 2500 ohms at max 40V DC input.

Electrical connection

Standard PG9 or 1/2" NPT (please specify)


Process temperature

Standard -30 to +100℃(max to 150℃ for max 45 mins pemissible)

Max working temperature 300℃


± 0.2% of the adjusted span

Ambient Temperature

-30 to +70℃

Temperature Effect

±0.015% per 1℃ change


Robust st.st 304. Protection to IP65.

Alternative materials

Welled parts

AISI 316 laser welded diaphragm, PTFE seals.

Hastelloy B&C, Ceramic possible

RFI Effect

Fitted with RFI filters as standard and in accordance with IEC 801

Span Adjustment


Zero Adjustment


Extended zero elevations & suppressions.

Process connections

As pages 2 and3

Special customized designs


Not all optional features are available,

with every combination of connection and range etc.

Please provide full details of operating medium, min. and max. working pressure and temperature to enable our engineers to evaluate your requirements.

Technical performance of 2088TR Series Liquid pressure sensor:

Using object

liquid, gas or steam

Measuring scope

 refer to model & specification table

Power supply

external power supply

24V DC

power supply range


Output signal

4~20mA DC

Temperature range

electric circuit board


sensing element


storage temperature


with digital display

-25~65℃ (normal operation)

-40~85℃ (with no damage)

Relative humidity


Overpressure limit

applying 2~5 times of maximum range pressure will bring no damage to the transmitter

Volume variation

be less than 4px3


the time constant is adjustable within 0.2~32.0s

Starting time

3s, preheating is unnecessary

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Working together with our sales and engineering resources,

will help you to solve your most challenging application problems.

Whether it's modifying a standard component,

working with your design or creating a completely new sensor,

control or system, our goal is to produce a quality product,

that is cost effective, to minimize complexity,

and to improve the overall value and performance of your equipment.

Learn more about our Level Sensors including

level transmitters, ultrasonic level transmitters,

gas sensors, water level sensors, & leak detectors.

Learn more about our Pressure sensors including differential pressure sensors, gauges,

air compressor pressure switches,& pressure transducers.

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Incorporated in the year 2019, in China,

we“Huaheng Instrument" are Sole Proprietorship firm involved in manufacturing,

importing and exporting of  Electrical Equipments and Electronic Accessories.

We offer these products at competitive rates in the market.

Also, these products are quality tested by our experts.

We export our products to Saudi Arabia, India, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia.

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