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Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

is located in the beautiful entrance of Taiping Forest Park,

in the north of Qinling Mountains,

the accelerator of science and technology enterprises in Xi'an High-tech Development Zone,

a booster that expands the technology enterprise from epitaxial expansion into connotative expansion.

At the same time, relying on Xi'an Instrument Base,

it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production,

sales and service of industrial automation instruments and systems.

The company has an excellent high-level professional technical team.

The company has 108 employees, including 13 R&D personnel,

3 visiting professors, 3 senior craftsmen,

5 senior engineers, 23 engineering technicians,

and full-time inspectors. 6 people. These include experienced technical development, process design and quality management personnel.

The main technical personnel have received technical training from ROSEMOUNT,

in the United States for many times,

and have more than 30 years of experience in instrumentation production and R&D.

As early as the early 1990s,

it has been committed to the exploration and research,

and development of HART protocol instruments.

It is the pioneer and leader of domestic intelligent instrumentation,

and HART protocol technology.

In recent years,

the company has established close technical cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University,

Northwestern Polytechnical University and Xi'an University of Technology.

The cooperation projects include oil and gas two-phase flow,

multi-phase flow, high-performance engine testing, wind tunnel test equipment and other projects. 


The company's main products are 

SMART series pressure transmitter

differential pressure transmitter,

liquid level (boundary) instrument, flow meter,

temperature sensor and multi-parameter transmitter,

product measurement qualification, complete explosion-proof qualification,

the entire production system has passed ISO9000 quality certification. System Certification.

The research and development of intelligent magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter,

double isolation static pressure level,

wind load transmitter and other products have won many inventions,

which have been well received by the market.

The company adopts diversified business ideas.

While producing and operating industrial automation instruments and devices,

it also has outstanding achievements in instrument control system integration,

instrument and equipment complete sets,

installation and commissioning and maintenance services, technical training and consulting.

Representative projects include the Rainbow Group's glass,

sintering kinetic energy control system and Hanjiang Pharmaceutical Boiler technical transformation.

3151 Differential Pressure Inspection Process

3151 Differential Pressure Inspection Process

Debugging Process of 3151 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Debugging Process of 3151 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Assembly Process of 3151 Differential Pressure/Pressure Transmitter