4-20mA PT100 Thermocouple Temperature Humidity Transmitter

4-20mA PT100 Thermocouple Temperature Humidity Transmitter Features 1. High precision, digital precision up to :±0.01ºC 2. Long-term drift<0.1/year 3. Install easily, more flexiable 4. To reduce the overall cost of installation,maintenance and running. 5. 4~20mA/Hart/Profibus PA output all...

Product Details

4-20mA PT100 Thermocouple Temperature Humidity Transmitter

Product features:

1. High precision
2. Small size
3. Easy installation and flexible functions
4. Long service life
5. Great durability
6.Self diagnosis is great
7.LCD display, Menu-guided operation

Know more about pressure transducer 4-20ma


Measuring range

-270~800 ºC 



Thermocouple, RTD, MV, Resistive sensor

Output signal

4~20mA/Hart/Profibus PA

Digital Accuracy

±0.01ºC, PT100 input

Internal cold end compensation error


Temperature drift

±0.05%/10ºCfull scale range

0.1% between-10°C to 60°C

Effect of power supply on range

<0.005%/V full-scale range

Ambient temperature

Ambient temperature

Storage temperature


Safe operation(T6)




Protection Class


Relative humidity


Electromagnetic compatibility

Accordance with EN 61 326

Product show:

4-20mA PT100热电偶温度湿度变送器

Product function:

This transmitter is a meter that converts a temperature variable into a standardized output signal that can be transmitted. It is mainly used for measurement and control of industrial process temperature parameters.

Product application:

Petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, medicine food and other industrial fields on-site temperature measurement process control. 


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